The summer school of 2015 and 2016 generated new contacts for all participants, exchange of ideas for development of technology as well as recruitment.

  • NSCAS is connecting young scientists to the industry by building bridges between international research institutes and Swedish industrial R&D.
  • Equality in research in academia as well as in industry is an obvious goal. One out of four young scientists in NSCAS is a woman and we are working to increase that number.
  • Sustainability is a red shred in NSCAS reflecting the aim of effective use of resources.
  • The students get professional training in presentation techniques in order to present their posters and research at company visits and scientific conferences.
  • The students presented their posters and gave short presentations concerning the subjects of the abstracts.
  • All participating companies agree that they want to participate in the planes NSCAS programs during the coming years.

What last years's participants say about NSCAS

Leading pioneers of worldwide steel industry
"NSCAS not only enriched my knowledge of steel, but also provided a chance to see the special and successful secret of Swedish steel industry."

Tradition and sustainability
"I think we can learn a lot from the Swedish, cities. They take advantage of all resources and preserve the environment as much as possible."

"Interesting to see how women plays a very important role in the Swedish industry and society."

Communication of Technology
"The biggest benefit from this summer school is the improvement of scientific communication skill which makes my research understandable and interesting."

Exchange knowledge
"Valuable to meet friends from universities all over the world. Share each other’s research work, exchange our ideas, learn from each other and open up our minds."

Interesting and educating
"In my opinion the best thing about this week has been gaining new contacts and new ideas for my studies."

ndustrial competence
"It has been highly interesting and useful for us to get to understand what kind of knowledge various companies needs."

Nice atmosphere
"I really enjoyed the visit to the copper mine in Falun. Interesting stories and legends from the mine and interesting to know were the metallurgy business in Sweden started."

An excellent opportunity to see the Swedish leading steel companies
"We had an excellent opportunity to see the leading Swedish steel companies. It was great to learn and hear their applications and products."

A total success
"The wear lecture was a total success on my point of view."

I have been able to learn
"During this week I have been able to learn more about the research topics and needs of the steel industry that often involve practical problems."

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